Issue when backing up different mysql server on the same machine


I’m having an issue when backing up a different mysql database when also backing up another mysql database (different docker container) at the same time at the same server.

I have 2 mysql servers running on different containers, one on port 3306 and another on 13306, I cannot backup both of them at the same time for some reason.

I already tried backing one up through SSH tunnel, and another through direct IP, or both same IP but different port, always a similar error.

The username and password are different on both databases.

Is this intended?

The only thing that works right now is making sure that neither of them run at the same time, otherwise the most recent one is always failing.

Thank you

EDIT: SQLBackupAndFTP 12.7.22 running on Windows Server 2022.

Hello Karbust,

The error you are observing indicates that the socket (IP + Port) for the SSH tunnel that the application is trying to use is already in use. Ensure that the tunnels opened by the application use different Local Mapped Ports.

Also, could you please let us know, have you tried both through direct API? Is it also giving an error?

Additionally, as a workaround, consider scheduling backup jobs at different times.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for using SQLBackupAndFTP and sorry for the iconvenience.


I have both mysql servers running on the same remote server (using Docker), one on port 3306 and the other on port 13306.

What do you mean by direct API? The error is happening when I connect both directly to the IP address (via VPN tunnel (tested via Tailscale, ZeroTier and Wireguard)) and via SSH tunnel.


The screenshots is how they are currently configured, need to run each other separately so the backup on port 3306 doesn’t fail (it is the first to start).

Both are on the same server, running on different ports, and, as far as I know, the local mapped port is different.

Not exactly sure why it is happening.