Inheritied IT duties, can't find account


I inherited IT duties about a month ago. Yesterday, I went into our DB server to check something and found SQLBackupAndFTP 10.2.14 Professional Lifetime on the server. It had a backup job going to Google Drive, but we moved to Office 365 a while ago so our DB backups weren’t going anywhere. I tried to change it to OneDrive for Business, but I found out that only version 11 supports it.

So, I did some searching on the server and found the v10 license key in AppData. I installed v11 and tried the v10 license key, which didn’t work. Apparently, you need to log into your account and upgrade. I spent hours searching for internal documentation regarding account information, but couldn’t find anything. I tried likely company email addresses but nothing as well.

My last resort is going through backups of my previous IT manager’s emails, but I need to go through approval process for that…

Does anyone have an idea for how I can solve this problem?

Hi Aaron,

Could you please contact our support team to resolve this issue.