Importing Multiple JOBX files

I have four different JOBX files I am trying to import and was expecting I’d end up with four resultant jobs. After importing 4, I end up with 2 jobs in v11. No errors upon import (at least that I see)

OK, so 2 of the JOBXs had Google Drive destinations, and, similar to my other posting, they failed silently on import.
Overall, I’ve got a couple hours into this ‘upgrade’ While the new interface is ‘interesting’, there was a certain simplicity in V 10 that I liked. I hope the reliability of the actual backups exceeds the reliability of the new UI.

Thank you for the issue reporting. We’ll check and fix it as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Please, update SQLBackupAndFTP application to the latest release 11.1.9 and check if you can import the jobx file with this version.

Google Drive, OneDrive and Box destinations have an authorization token with a time limit. That’s why your jobx file does not contain authorization data. An old version of SQLBackupAndFTP saves auth token and refresh token into other files and updates these tokens if it needed. In the other case, it would have needed to update the jobx file every time when it runs the backup job.
So, if you import a jobx file, you need to authorize the destinations with a temporary authorization token again.