Importing configuration from sbf-file

I have migrated to a new PC install. Did a Tools-> Configuration Manager → Export to a .sbf-file.
When I import from this file on the new install I have this error:

SQLBackupAndFTP (SQL Server backup) windows service has stopped. See Windows Event log to find the reason. Restart the service to resume backup jobs.

When I click “Restart service” the uncompressing configuration process starts and then I receive the following message:

"Der var ikke noget slutpunkt, der lytter på
net.pipe://localhost/pranasnet/net/sbf/DesktopChannel/Net.pranasnet.sbf.DesktopChannel, og som kan acceptere meddelelsen. Dette skyldes ofte en forkert adresse eller SOAP-handling. Du kan finde flere oplysninger under InnerException.
net.pipe://localhost/pranasnet/net/sbf/DesktopChannel/Net.pranasnet.sbf.DesktopChannel blef ikke fundet på den lokale computer.

After clicking OK the Import configuration dialogue returns with the message “Import stopped”…

What can I do - I seriously need my long list of jobs back.

Hi Soren_Voigt,

Could you please let us know, do you have a stable internet connection? Do you use a Proxy Server?

For the correct work of SQLBackupAndFTP, you have to have a stable internet connection. Internet is used for license validation. SQLBackupAndFTP communicates with our server through the API located at (port 433).

If you get any error messages, please send us a screenshot of the issue and a full text of the error message you get.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

Thank you for using SQLBackupAndFTP.