How to upgrade my old license key to SQLBackupAndFTP 11?

If you have purchased SQLBackupAndFTP earlier, you should upgrade your old SQLBackupAndFTP license to v 11 with 50% discount from the regular prices

To upgrade your license go to My Account page and find your previously purchased license under “Licenses”. Click the “Upgrade” link for that license:

Hi Alexander, I have a question on the same topic, I already have licenses, one Professional, and one Professional Lifetime, I want to apply the Professional Lifetime to the server, does the procedure is to remove the actual license key on the server (menu Help/License), then apply the other key?
Being it is a production server and backing up properly, I don’t want to break it changing the license.

Thank you!

Hi Jorge_Alexandres,

Yes, the only way to do it is to replace your license keys as you described above.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.