How to restore Looses files version 8. to current SQLBackup and restore

I have backup up from a computer on the network and it backup all the files from NewMibs0001.sql to NewMibs0400.sql
I cant find the restore icon and when I use version 8. it would not restore individual files. Now I’ve moved to the current version and I can’t see restore.

So How do restore these individual files?

Hi Stephen,

SQLBackupAndFTP version 8 performs remote backups to .sql file with the help of SQL scripts, such backups can be restored with the help of SQL scripts in SQL Server Management Studio.

We recommend you to install SQLBackupAndFTP version 11.6.1 which can backup and restore remote SQL Server databases automatically. You can download it at

SQLBackupAndFTP version 11 can restore only those backups that were performed via the same backup job. Also, all these backups can be restored via SQL Server Management Studio.

Please find more details at