How to protect backup files

i am using free version.
I have 1 database to backup. i am using compress version with Encrypt compress file and given password.
Now if someone else access the server and remove encryption and password, he will get backup database without any restriction and he can restore it anywhere with the backup file. How do I stop this
Is there anyway I can control of opening the software to make changes
Inshort how do I protect my backup files from opening
I am using windows 11 as server with MYSQL and PHP

Hello Sanjay,

You can find an option to set a password to open your SQLBackupAndFTP. To set a password to open the app, please navigate to “Tools” > “Settings” > “Security” > “Require a password to access the app’s user interface”.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for using SQLBackupAndFTP.