How to dump to .dump file rather than .sql with Postgre

Currently my Postgre backups get created as a .sql file, which then get zipped. Is there any way to back up using the custom format archive .dump file? This would allow me to restore using PgAdmin4 and also would allow the possibility of restoring table only from the entire db backup.

From the command line, the only difference is to add the -Fc parameter on the pg_dump:

pg_dump -Fc **database_name** > **database.dump**

Is it possible to do this in SQLBackupAndFTP?

Hi Bradly_Adams,

Thank you for the details and for your request. We’ve forwarded your request to our dev team for consideration. Perhaps that option will be added into the future releases

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for using SQLBackupAndFTP.