How do I update the mysqldump utility?

Hi. I have this error: [DBMS-MSSQL:11006#11007] MySQL backup error: unknown variable ‘column-statistics=0’ | SQLBackupAndFTP's blog (DBMS-MSSQL:11006#11007).
The page says the solution is to update the mysqldump utility. How do I do that?


Hi Steve_Beacall,

You can download it at the official MySQL web site

Also, please let us know have you tried to resolve the issue by setting Generate Statistics Histograms parameter to Default/No?

Thank you.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I tried setting Generate Statistics Histograms parameter to Default. It didn’t help.

I’m still confused about this though. Is the mysqldump utility included in your software, or is this something that should be on my server, or…? I can go to the MySQL site, but then what? I just install MySQL on my laptop and that somehow fixes the problem?

Please help.


Hi Steve_Beacall,

Yes, mysqldump is installed along with SQLBackupAndFTP. If the “Default” and the “No” values do not work then please try to create a dump manually, to check if you are able to do it.

Please find more details on how to do it on the web.

Sorry for the inconvenience.