How Do I:Backup to local and to UNC and keep both backups?

There are 2 large DB’s. I am using this software on server A to back them up and then push to server B via UNC. That works great!
I want to keep a local backup copy on server A as well. Is there a way to manage\keep the copy process and NOT delete the temporary files?
This job for the 2 backups takes a couple of hours and would be nice to not have to run the same job twice but with different destination folders during the copy to folder process.

Hello Richard_Morgan,

You can expand your destinations and send the backups to your local drive and to UNC as well. You can accomplish this by adding another destination. Would that solution work for you?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you!

I can confirm this is what you want.

Just open your job, and add a new destination to the list, we backup to a remote FTP and a local FTP (we use FTP as there is a log that is easily parsed and is simpler to manage that using a UNC etc…).

It will then perform the backup ONCE but copy the backup to all the destinations you have defined.

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