How backups are taken?

I’m looking to purchase the application however I am wondering how backup process to Azure happens?
Are backups going to Azure directly or is there requirement for storage on the server where SQL instance/SQLBackupAndFTP application is installed?

Hi Arturs,

SQLBackupAndFTP creates backups to a temporary folder and then sends backups to selected destination place. It can be your local drive or Azure Storage or both or other destinations. Please find more details on how to backup SQL Server to Azure Storage

Thanks Alexander,

Is that temporary folder on the server where SQL Instance is installed or on the server where SQLBackupAndFTP is?

Also, how are databases being backed up? E.g. there are 10 DBs on the SQL Instance.
Would SQLBackupAndFTP backup all of them before sending anything to Azure storage or would it do it per DB basis? For example, backup first DB then send it to Azure, then Backup 2nd DB and send it to Azure etc…

Hi Arturs,

The temp folder should be selected on the server where SQLBackupAndFTP is installed.

By default SQLBackupAndFTP backup and compress all databases first then send backups to destinations and after that remove all files from the temporary folder. But you can use “Backup one DB, send, repeat” option at the “Backup options” section and then SQLBackupAndFTP will backup and compress each database, send it on destinations, remove it from temp folder and take next database.