Google Shared Drive


I am looking to backup my database to a Google Shared Drive folder.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. What would I choose as the “Folder (path) on Google Drive?”
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Hi Matthew_Burns,

Thank you for your request, but currently, there is no way to do it. Thank you for the feature request, we’ve forwarded it to our dev team for consideration.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

+1 for me please - this would really help my workflow with the rest of the team

Hi Mat_Thomas,

Thank you for your request.

+1 here - just refreshed my subscription intending to use GDrive (business/workspace) and fiddling around for about 2 hours just to realize that backup up is only possible with “My Drive” and not a shared folder within the workspace.
Would highly appreciate that - otherwise I would need to setup a chain of tools and scripts to get that resolved for me :frowning:

Hi Inuvet_GmbH,

Could you please let us know, have you tried to specify a path (URL) to your folder in the “Folder (path) on Google Drive” section?


If you get any error messages, please let us know.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.