Getting license expired when i purchased upgrade key

Hello, I was using an older version of SQLBackupandftp before.

After several warning that older version will not be supported anymore.

I purchased an upgrade license for 20 USD and install a new version of the software.

After 3 months now it’s said license expiry and need to be uprade or renew?

i cannot run backup anymore.

I don’t see any email for support so i am writing here.


I am using version 11.3.5 and License# 19076

and last license purchased in october 2017 SQLBackupAndFTP Lite v11 License # 19076

Dear Sebastien,

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

We have checked your account and found out that on 10/06/2017 you upgraded from SQLBackupAndFTP Lite version 10 to SQLBackupAndFTP Lite version 11 without one-year Full-Service subscription. It means that you have only one-month Full-Service subscription which expired on 11/06/2017.

Your license never expires and you can use the version you’ve purchased forever. However zero-config email service for sending backup notifications, support, and weblog are parts of the optional Full-Service subscription and requires a yearly recurring fee.

If you do not want to use the subscription, please configure your own email server for sending emails.

Please find more details at:

You can renew your subscription by clicking “Renew subscription”.