FTPS Connection Error

i’m trying to get a Connection to a SFTP / FTPS Server which is provided by a Synology NAS-System.
I’m unable to get a connection working. I already tried every possible combination (Implicit / Excplicit; active / passiv). I receive the enclosed errors:


When i connect with an FTP Client like Filezilla, i will not have any problems to get a connection by ftps or sftp.

Any Ideas? :slight_smile:



When i try to get a connection by RebexFTPClient.exe i’m able to get a connection whith “FTP/SSL explicit” and “passive Mode”.

With the same settings i receive and error in sqlbackupandftp:

Permission denied

Dear Yves,

To investigate this case, we need more details. Could you please enable the advanced log with “Trace” level, reproduce the issue and send logs to our dev team. Here are more details on how to do it https://sqlbackupandftp.com/blog/how-to-send-log-to-devel

Note! With the “Trace” level, a log can contain your passwords. Before sending a log to dev team please open it using any text editor and remove the information you prefer to keep in secret. You can find them by clicking the “Open folder” link at the “Advanced Log” window (“Tools” > “Advanced Log…”).

Please let us know if the logs will be sent, also please provide us with your application id (“Help” > “About”).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi there,
Has the SFTP connection to Synology NAS been resolved ? I have the same issue. I can connect with Filezilla but not with SQLBackupandFTP


Hi Daniel_Nicolas,

Could you please check the following:

  1. Is the host address is specified correctly?
  2. Check the Advanced Options and Even More FTP Settings to make sure they match your FTP Server.
  3. For the correct work with FTP, we use Rebex libraries. Could you please try to install the following test Rebex client Dropbox - RebexFtpClient.zip - Simplify your life and check if you are able to connect and download a file to your FTP via RebexFtpClient?

Sorry for the inconvenience.