FTP stops working since today 12 august 2022

Hi all,

I use the application several years and never had any problems; it’s a very easy to work application.

But since this morning The FTP section of the application stops working; testing the connection freezes. If I use Filezilla with the same user and password etc I use in SLQLBackupAndFTP I can simply connect to the desired folder. But within the application FTP is no longer possible.

So I did a re-install, reboot (several ones) but nothing makes the FTP work again. Again FTP through Filezilla (of any other software) works fine. So any ideas? Can it be something to do with perhaps an IPv6 address on the client and the server? It has not been change for as I know and till this morning every backup was tranfered through FTP to the desired FTP server.

I hope that somebody has any idea or a working solution.
thanks Walther

yes: it’s Windows server 2022, SQL server 2019 Standard and SQLBackupAndFTP version 10.2.14 (and yes it is not the latest version but before any upgrade I need to be sure it will work (again).

and some more info that could be important: the application works fine; back-ups are made in the local folder. Then the application tries to connect to the external FTP server but stops with a time-out. The first thing I did was of course check the FTP server. As I said I could connect with the same credentials I use in the application to the FTP server. So I could rule out that the problem lies with the FTP server. Only other cause could be the application ergo SQLBackupAndFtp.

So I cannot edit my own message. But I found some more information.
If I connect with Fielzilla I noticed that the connecion is made by the IPv6 address. If I do a ping in een command box the IPv6 address is returned. If I check the setup of the FTP server I see that both IPv4 and IPv6 setup is working.
So I think that this application cannot connect throught a IPV6 connection. Please if somebody of this company can answer this?

I also upgrade the appliction but still no connection.

Any ideas??? Thanks

Hi WP_Musch,

SQLBackupAndFTP version 10.2.14 is a very old version and it is no longer supported. Could you please check if everything works with the latest release of SQLBackupAndFTP - version 12.7.0 Download SQLBackupAndFTP - SQL Server Backup Software?

Note, for the correct work with FTP, we use Rebex libraries. You can try to install the following test Rebex client Dropbox - RebexFtpClient.zip - Simplify your life and check if you are able to connect and download a file to your FTP via RebexFtpClient.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

Thank you.