File support in newer lite licences?

I am using an older version of your great product (Lite version). If I pay the 28$ annual fee, will I be able to upload .zip files (not database related) to OneDrive or SFTP? I need this as a supplement to the existing database backup

Thanks in advance

PS. What software is used to this excellent forum?

Kind regards
Soeren Dalby

Hi Soeren Dalby,

If you own SQLBackupAndFTP Lite version 11 or 12 then you can send backups (databases’ backups and local files and folders backups) to your OneDrive Personal and SFTP. Please find more details at SQLBackupAndFTP Features & version comparison

The subscription allows you:

  1. Auto-update the app to the latest version
  2. See backup history on the web
  3. Receive direct email support from our team
  4. Use SQLBackupAndFTP mail servers for sending backup notifications
  5. Receive alerts when your server or backup service is down

Please find more details about the subscription at

To backup local files and folders, please add the needed settings at the “Backup folders” section.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.