Feature Request - Ability to Set Individual Retention Policies for Folder Backups

Hi, we have a feature request.

Just like separate retention policies (delete backups older than) for separate databases, it would be very helpful if the same can be configured for folder backups.


Thank you for your request.

You can create multiple backup jobs and set an auto-delete option for your backups for each of your backup jobs.

We thought of the same. It is a workaround and are currently using it.
But please note that there are 2 issues with it:

  1. A system of multiple jobs is easier to set up but difficult to maintain.
  2. When the purpose is folder-level backups, the jobs fail when we don’t select a database to be backed up. Due to this, we are forced to backup a systemDB or dummy DB alongside.

Although it is workable, it’s not a “clean” solution like the rest of the product.

A separate retention policy for Folder backups would be a very useful feature.


Thank you for your reply.

According to the second point, there is no need to select a system database to backup if you need to backup only local files and folders. Just connect to DBMS and choose local files and folders you need to backup.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you. I checked it and it worked. Earlier, we used to get an error that no DBs have been selected.


That’s great! Thank you for your reply.

Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.