Failing database connection check


I installed sqlbackupandftp 12.3.10 Trial on newest and completly updated Windows 10 and try to configure a backup job.
Unfortunately I alreaday fail doing the db connection test to a postgres data base, system complains with error code -1073741502.

Log says:

14:28:30.8062|DEBUG|6|Net.Pranas.SqlBak.Job.CliConnection.CliConnectionHandlerBase|ExecuteQuery. Unsubscribe error callback.
2020-03-05 14:28:30.8062|DEBUG|6|Net.Pranas.SqlBak.Job.CliConnection.CliConnectionHandlerBase|ExecuteQuery. Check exit code.
2020-03-05 14:28:30.8062|DEBUG|6|Net.Pranas.SqlBak.Job.CliConnection.CliConnectionHandlerBase|ExecuteQuery. Exit code: -1073741502. Generate exception.
2020-03-05 14:28:30.8062|ERROR|6|Net.Pranas.SqlBak.Job.CliConnection.CliConnectionHandlerBase|ExecuteQuery|System.InvalidOperationException: cmd has exited with -1073741502 code.
bei Net.Pranas.SqlBak.Job.CliConnection.CliConnectionHandlerBase.ExecuteQuery(ProcessStartInfo startInfo, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
2020-03-05 14:28:30.8142|ERROR|6|Pranas.Net.SqlBak.Service.Client.Content.Ext.JobCredentialsExt|TestImpl|System.InvalidOperationException: cmd has exited with -1073741502 code.

Do you have any idea what to do?

I can connect to the database using psql and same user

Log was sent to you via “send log to developres”

Thank you very much, Peter

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the details.

Could you please click on the “info” button at the “Connect to Server” window then copy the command and execute it via the Command Prompt to check if you get an error message?

Sorry for the inconvenience.


You need to install c++ Redistributable 2015 not the latest one. They appear to be incremental so if you have the latest one you will need to uninstall it and then install 2015 version.

That solved the problem at all sites where i got that error.


Hi Johannes_Nortje,

That’s great! Thank you!