Failed to restore mysql file

  1. Backup: backup the full mysql file successfully in the path: C:\backup_temp

  2. Restore: created a restore job and try to restore mysql file and get this error:

|2023/11/1 14:06:16|[Info]|Connecting to MySQL Server:|
|2023/11/1 14:06:18|[Info]|Connected to (5.5.16).|
|2023/11/1 14:06:19|[Info]|Connecting to Folder destination C:\backup_temp.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:19|[Debug]|Searching files by mask zentao*.*.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:20|[Debug]|Searching files by mask *_*inc.*.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:21|[Debug]|Found 2 files.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:22|[Debug]|Getting file metadata on C:\backup_temp folder.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:23|[Debug]|Downloading file to C:\Windows\TEMP\SYSTEM\Pranas.NET\SBF\backup\b89dfb1cb2914ba8b47ab778e9b44dec\zentao\2023_11_1 11_18_00.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:24|[Debug]|Uncompressing C:\Windows\TEMP\SYSTEM\Pranas.NET\SBF\backup\b89dfb1cb2914ba8b47ab778e9b44dec\zentao\2023_11_1 11_18_00\ file with Internal archiver. |
|2023/11/1 14:06:27|[Debug]|Restoring zentao database from files: zentao202311011118.sql.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:29|[Error]|Failed to restore zentao database. ERROR at line 57: Unknown command '\\'.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:32|[Info]|Disconnecting from Folder destination C:\backup_temp.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:33|[Info]|Deleting temporary files.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:33|[Error]|Job Restore Job - 2 finished with 1 errors.|
|2023/11/1 14:06:37|[Info]|Sending report to ${|Web Log}.|

Hello hsf1002,

To resolve the issue, we need more details. Could you please provide us with the Advanced Log? You can find instructions on how to send the log to developers at How to send Log to developers | SQLBackupAndFTP's blog. Once the log has been sent, please notify us and provide your App ID (“Help” > “About”).

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.