Failed to Backup / Snapshot does not exist


I want to do a Backup from my Database from Azure but I get and error.
Can somebody help me ?

08.02.2023 16:08:57 [Info] Backing up ‘xx’ with Full backup type.
08.02.2023 16:08:57 [Info] Creating snapshot of ‘xx’ database to ‘xx’_SQLBackupAndFTP_Snapshot.
08.02.2023 16:09:18 [Info] Drop ‘xx’_SQLBackupAndFTP_Snapshot.
08.02.2023 16:09:28 [Error] Failed to backup ‘xx’ database with Full backup type: Database ‘‘xx’_SQLBackupAndFTP_Snapshot’ does not exist. Make sure that the name is entered correctly.
08.02.2023 16:09:28 [Info] Cleaning up backups of Azure ‘xx’ job.
08.02.2023 16:09:28 [Info] Deleting temporary files.
08.02.2023 16:09:28 [Error] Job Azure ‘xx’ finished with 1 errors.

Hello Simon_Stevens,

To investigate this case, we need more details. Could you please provide us with the Advanced Log How to send Log to developers | SQLBackupAndFTP's blog

Once the log will be sent, please notify us and provide with your App ID (“Help” > “About”).

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.