Failed to backup remote MsSQL 2005 database with “Full” backup type

The version I just installed (12.2.1) apparently does not backup Sql Server 2005 (only 2008 or later). I selected a Remote Sql Server backup.
Error i get is:
“2019-02-24 21:29:47 [Error] Failed to backup “gu” database with “Full” backup type: This method or property is accessible only while working against SQL Server 2008 or later.”

Is your product support remote backup of mssql 2005?


Hello rdz,

We use official libraries from Microsoft and the issue you get is generated by SQL Server, not by us. It seems that there is no way to backup remote backup of MS SQL Server 2005.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

maybe one of your previous versions of sqlbackupandftp supports mssql 2005?
is it possible to test such an earlier version?

Sorry, but we do not keep old versions and there is no way to download them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.