Estimating costs for Amazon S3, what are typical PUT/COPY/POST/LIST Requests:

Is a backup of a single database a single PUT/COPY/POST/LIST Request to Amazon S3 or is it many based on the size of the backup such as per packet going up to it, or somewhere in between?
I can estimate space use easy enough, but without setting up some extensive testing(packet capturing) or just trying it to wait and see what the bill is at the, I haven’t been able to find any indication of how to estimate how many PUT/COPY/POST/LIST Requests: SQLBackupAndFTP will do.
Are there any guides I’ve missed as to what load SQLBackupAndFTP puts on Amazon S3 and similar cloud providers? We just want to have some budgetary estimates, and not having even a magnitude of those hits for a backup that puts for example a 1GB backup file, makes it hard to have a realistic estimate. I would guess there is a huge difference between using a local temporary folder or not and how verify handles things.

Hi Andy_Konecny,

During an upload to Amazon S3, a file is splitting into chunks by SQLBackupAndFTP. If a backup file is less then 160 Gb then the chunk’s sizes will be 16Mb. If a backup file large then 160Gb then the following formula is used FileSize / 10000.