Error when backing up folder on local server

I am just evaluating this software and the SQL DB’s backup’s did fine. I included a partition on the same local server to backup all the folders in this partition drive = F:\

Below is a snip of the error in the backup log…

Any ideas?


  • 2:44:52 AM : Backing up folders
  • 2:44:53 AM : Backing up "F:" folder in F:\
  • 2:44:53 AM : Compressing "F:" folder with Internal archiver. Encryption: "Off"
  • 2:44:59 AM : ERROR: Failed to backup "F:" folder in F:. Xceed archiver error. > Access to the path ‘F:\System Volume Information’ is denied.

Hi Anthony_Tainatongo,

Sorry, but there is no way to use a mapped drive as a destination place, please specify the full path.

Sorry for the inconvenience.