Error #[DST-2:1103#552]

Backup of a directory fails with the following messages (and several retries).
CAn somebody help ?

  • 03:18:08 : Uploading local “” to remote “” in folder “/”.
  • 03:19:20 : WARNING: Destination error: Could not delete No such file or directory (550).
  • 03:19:21 : WARNING: Destination error: #[DST-2:1103#552] Failed to upload “C:\Temp\Pranas.NET\SBF\f2aad88d-3e5e-43c1-8e52-0369288555c4\backup\” file. > Quota exceeded: [] won’t be saved (552).
  • 03:19:21 : Trying again…

Hi UNITIC_Francis_Lopez,

It seems the error message you get related to your FTP. You get a message “Quota exceeded” which is generated by FTP Server. To resolve the issue, please check your FTP logs or please contact your administrator or FTP Server vendor’s support team.

Thank you!