Emalis Not Working with Custom SMTP Server

We are running version (for which we have the license, but no lifetime) and our own SMTP server. We received warnings that emails using the automatic configuration will stop working if we don’t update to the newest version (11.x) but as we don’t have the lifetime license and don’t use the automatic emails we decided to stay with the current version. Now emails don’t work anymore even though we use our own SMTP server. Is this not supported any more?

This is an error from the Windows application log:

11/06/2017 09:45:36 ERROR: Failed to send WebLog > Server was unable to process request. —> Sending email has failed. Please upgrade to the latest version on SQLBackupAndFTP.com with Full-Service subscription to continue using automated mail servers for backup notifications.


Yes, custom email settings are still available in Free edition and in SQLBackupAndFTP version 10.

To investigate your case, could you please send us your .jobx file. To make it private please send it to support@sqlbackupandftp.com