Email Subject "Success" Detailed log contains errors

I get an email with backup summaries. If the email title is ‘Success on SQLBackupAndFTP job job_name Full backup’ - I would expect all tasks to have been successful.

However, when I glanced at the Detailed Log in the email body - one of the tasks was failing. This is a bug surely?

How can I ensure the email title contains FAIL or similar when any task in the backup job fails?

Should it not do this anyway? Thanks.


Hi Nick,

Thank you for the details.

You use a very old version which is no longer supported. Could you please download and install the latest release of SQLBackupAndFTP where this issue is resolved?


So you’re saying this is a known issue and is definitely resolved in the latest version?

If so, is any upgrade pricing available?

Hi Nick,

You can find the price and upgrade your current license at your “My Account” page by clicking the “Upgrade to latest version…” link at the “Actions” column.

Please use the email address you have used to purchase your license to log in. If the password is lost please follow this link to recover it.