DST-2:1103#2] Failed to upload to FTP

Getting this error for few days now

ERROR: Destination error: [DST-2:1103#2] Failed to upload “C:*" file to "**” folder. > Not connected to the server.


To investigate this case we need more information, could you please send us the Advanced Log?

You can find a short tutorial on how to do it at https://sqlbackupandftp.com/blog/how-to-send-log-to-developers

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am using the .Net 4 version one, so it will not get updated. :no_mouth:


If there is no way to install .NET Framework version 4.6.0 or above on your server, then you can download and install SQLBackupAndFTP for older .NET Framework version 4.0.0. To do it please go at the “Download” https://sqlbackupandftp.com/download page and click “SQLBackupAndFTP for older .NET Framework v4.0.0” link.

Since speaking to the ISP, the issue has been resolved


Good news! Thank you for the feedback.