DST-2:1001#1 Not enough data

Hi there, i have problem with my connection to sftp, ti works normally with ftp connection, but when i switch to sftp and change port, i get this error: DST-2:1001#1 Filed to open {IP} destination connection. Not enough data… I can connect from this computer through SFTP with other sw like Winscp without any problem. My version is 12.4.4 std. Any ideas? thanks

Hi Martin_Frano,

For the correct work with FTP, we use Rebex libraries. Could you please try to install the following test Rebex client Dropbox - RebexFtpClient.zip - Simplify your life and check if you are able to connect and download a file to your FTP via RebexFtpClient?

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.