DROP DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'

I’m getting a permissions error when the job runs. The login I’m using has database owner permissions on the master and all individual databases. We started receiving this error after upgrading to latest version 12.2.9.

Snippet from log (actual db and server names have been replaced with XXXXXXX:

5/28/2019 10:33 AM Starting job “XXXXXXX Backups.jobx” - “Full”. Computer “XXXXXXX”. App v.“12.2.9”
5/28/2019 10:33 AM Connecting to SQL Azure: 2014 RTM SQL Azure. XXXXXXX
5/28/2019 10:33 AM The backup folder “C:\Windows\TEMP\SYSTEM\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP\backup” has “83.793GB” free space. The temporary folder “C:\Windows\TEMP\SYSTEM\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP\backup” has “83.793GB” free space
5/28/2019 10:33 AM Backing up “XXXXXXX” SQL Azure databases
5/28/2019 10:33 AM Getting maximum file size…
5/28/2019 10:33 AM The maximum file size: “”
5/28/2019 10:33 AM Creating snapshot of “XXXXXXX” database to “XXXXXXX_SQLBackupAndFTP_Snapshot”
5/28/2019 10:33 AM Drop “XXXXXXX_SQLBackupAndFTP_Snapshot”
5/28/2019 10:33 AM Failed to backup “XXXXXXX” database with “Full” backup type: DROP DATABASE permission denied in database ‘master’.

Have you tried assigning the dbmanager role to the account on the master database?


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