Do I need Admin rights for using SQL Backup and FTP?

We bought last year the SQLBackupAndFTP and installed it successfully. We have the Version
We configured it in the way that every night a backup from one SQL-database (MSSQL Server installed on the same machine) was made. The Directory for saving is a one-drive-location.

This worked some months great. But suddenly it did not work. Now we realized that in the meanwhile we are not able to open (!) SQLBackupAndFTP if we do not have Administrator rights.

Last year when we configured it this was no Problem The user which we used for configuration never had admin rights.

Is it correct that we Need admin rights for open and configuring?


Thank you for the details.

From our side, we haven’t added any changes to SQLBackupAndFTP version 10, which is the old version and no longer supported. Perhaps there were any changes on your server.

We recommend you to upgrade to the latest version - version 11.5.2 and check if it resolves the issue. You can do it at your “My Account” page, by clicking the “Upgrade” link. Please use the email address you have used to purchase SQLBackupAndFTP version 10 to log in.