Differential Backup

hi all,
I have a question about the diff Backup.
normally the Diff. Grown from full Backup to the next Full backup.
The Diff Backup file cant be smaller then the File before ?
in my case the size dont increase!

Hi Marco_Ernst,

Yes, differential backups contain all changes made since the last full backup, in spite of the fact that they have already been included in previous differential backups. Please, find more details about differential backups at https://sqlbak.com/academy/differential-backup/

SQLBackupAndFTP creates backups via Standard T-SQL Commands. Could you please try to restore that backup and check if it will be restored with all data?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

how you can see, it not grow and we cant restore it.
its failed meaningless mistake error.

Hi Marco Ernst,

According to your screenshot, everything works smoothly and your differential backups grow. Please find more details about the differential backups at https://sqlbak.com/academy/differential-backup/

If you get any error message during the restore please let us know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.