Different File Size between SQLBackupAndFTP and manually Download

Today I tried the SQLHackupAndFTP-Software for Backingup my local mediawiki. It’s working fine and i get my downloads without problems.

But i detect a big difference in the filesizes between the files which was backupped automatically with SQLHackupAndFTP (~14.000KB and ~15.000KB) and the other manually downloaded file (~28.000KB and ~29.000KB).

Server Type: MySQL (phpMyAdmin)
Advanced backup settings: Checked both (Full and Folder)

I download manually from phpMyAdmin, with as custom export with zip-compression.

  1. Why arent the filesizes equal? Does this have any effects if i need to restore my Wiki from backup?

Other Questions:
2. Is there a possibility to change the backuppath automatically?
3. is there a possibility to start the software (and execute backup) with cmd?


SQLBackupAndFTP compresses backups, however, we stopped supporting phpMyAdmin due to frequent anomalies in its operation. We do not recommend using connections through phpMyAdmin; use this option at your own risk.

Regarding your question about running a backup job from the command line, yes you can do it, please find more details here: How to run SQLBackupAndFTP v11 from a command line | SQLBackupAndFTP's blog

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you.