Destination failed to retrieve remote file information

After upload a file in ftp, I receive:
“Destination failed to retrieve remote file information”

The file is correctly uploaded, but process is in error and don’t delete previous files.


To investigate this case we need more details, could you please enable the advanced log, reproduce the issue and send logs to our developers to check them. Please find more details on how to do it at

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I Sent it.
And now?
Waiting an answer here?


We have received and checked your logs.

For the correct work with FTP we use Rebex components and we have contacted Rebex’s support team to check this issue, please find more details at

It seems you use drivehq as your FTP Server vendor and this issue related to them, could you please contact them to check this case?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I try to contact drivehq support!

Thanks for the feedback. Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.