Destination error: > The underlying connection was closed / Error #[DST-5:1001#1]

Good afternoon.

I’ve been having trouble with the automatic backups since July 30, 2022. No changes were made in anyway whatsoever; neither to the program (only updates when available) nor the server (only updates after the problems began).

Ive updated completely the server.
I’ve updated the SQLBackupAndFTP program.
I’ve done tests and tried to connect to Google Drive manually and the tests are successful every time.

The errors say the connection is closed and that an unexpected error occurred on send.
I attach some pictures of the errors (it only lets me attach one):

I’m ready to send the logs to the dev team whenever you tell me to.
Thank you in advance!
Have a good day.

Hi Sysadmin_ABC,

According to the error message you get, the connection was closed by a remote server. Sorry, but that issue cannot be resolved from our side. Please contact your network administrator to check the issue.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.