Database Selection on phpmyadmin Backup

I use phpMyadmin to connect to my Databases on 1and1 IONOS Servers.

1and1 has only one Database on one server.

So I have 25 Databases on 25 Server in one phpMyAdmin.

I can only choose the first Database/Server to Backup.

I try the path to phpmadmin “” and the way from an older version

Anyway, I can only choose the first Server/Database.
On the older Version I have to choose a special, elder Version of phpmyadmin. But even with that version I have the same error.

What I do wrong?

Hi Andreas_Gebek,

Do we understand correctly that you prefer to connect to your phpMyAdmin with different credentials to backup different databases? If yes, please use the suggestion from the following thread

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!