Database Selection - Need option to hide/show DBs that are "offline"

The current database selection checklist has no indicator icon or option to hide databases that are “offline”. We often put databases into an offline mode as we may be evaluating whether to delete them completely, but until that can occur, we leave them offline for a few weeks to see if any other apps were relying on these “old” databases. Please allow hiding of “offline” database.

Also, allow the jobs to “silently fail” or skip over databases which are “offline” even if they are somehow included in a backup job. The last thing we need is backups breaking because someone forgot to remove an “offline” database from being selected. This is easily accomplished by using a sql statement to list the databases, and/or determine if a DB is offline during backups (we do this today in a stored proc).

Thank you.

Hi Ted,

Sorry, but we do not have any plans to add an option to hide “offline” databases, but thanks for the feature request.

To ignore “offline” databases please use “Ignore Offline databases” option in the “Backup options” section.

Thank you, this should help for now.

No problem. Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.