Custom scripts after backup

Hi every one,

I want to run some T-SQL script after the backup to insert one record to my table to determine the status of the backup.

Below is my SQL script:
INSERT INTO [msdb].[dbo].[BackupStatus](SBF_IsSuccess, SBF_BackupType,SBF_Date) values( @SBF_IsSuccess, @SBF_BackupType, GETDATE())

This script is run well with previous version 10.2.13

Previous version 10.2.13 we have 2 predefined environment variables: @SBF_IsSuccess, @SBF_BackupType

But with this version 11.0.10 Beta, I see only 1 predefined environment variable: @SQLBAK_BACKUP_TYPE (‘FULL’, ‘FULL_COPY’, ‘DIFF’, ‘TRAN_LOG’, ‘TRAN_LOG_COPY’)

My question is with version 11.0.10 Beta, does the application have predefined environment variable like ‘@SBF_IsSuccess’ to determine which status of backup.

My english is not well, please correct me if I wrong some grammar and sorry for any inconvenience.
Please help me. Thanks.

Thanks, we are going to add these options in the nearest future.


These parameters were added in SQLBackupAndFTP version: 11.7.3. You can download it at Download SQLBackupAndFTP - SQL Server Backup Software