Custom script variables

Is currently only 1 variable is supported for running custom scripts? SQLBAK_BACKUP_TYPE

Is there anyway to add more variables or plans on doing so? like:

  1. database name (for server with multiple databases)
  2. server name (for multiple machines)
  3. destination name (for multiple backup destinations)

Thank you

Hello Eli_Perlstein,

Thank you for your request, sorry, but there is no way to do it.

Could you please please clarify, in what way do you prefer to receive the information if you backup several databases and send the backups to several destinations?

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for using SQLBackupAndFTP.

Hi @Alexander

Thank you for your reply, we are basically trying to create a powershell script that will actively notify us of every backup job weather it failed or succeeds (similar to your solution here), we are using sqlbackupandftp on multiple servers, and each server has multiple databases.

The ‘multi destination’ is helpful for when the notification runs, it can notify on which destination this has succeeded or failed

Hello Eli_Perlstein,

Appreciate your response with the detailed information!

We have discussed this and we plan to add more variables in future releases.

Thank you.