Compression Taking Several Hours


We are using this to backup our SQL Databases. Some of the databases after backup are large - around 30 GB to 50 GB. It takes around 2 hours to compress each such database. It is very imperative that we take full backup at least once every day.

Because of this compression - it takes around 8-10 hours for backup to complete every night.
Is there any way we can improve this time.

Rahul Jain

Hi Rahul Jain,

Thank you for your request.

Please find some useful recommendations on how to backup large databases with SQLbackupAndFTP in the following blog post.

We also just started having issues with backing up with zip. What was working for the past 4 week, just stopped working today. The backup streams to disk, but the compression phase i stopped a 2.5hrs. The backup itself took 20 minutes. Prior to this, we had success with identical everything use .zip, i have changed it to .7z to see if that helps.

Hi Andrew_C,

Yes, please let us know if it works. If you have any issues, please send us a screenshot of the issue and a full text of the error message you get.

Sorry for the inconvenience.