Compression Priorty setting from 8.2.26

We are in the process of replacing some older servers and have noticed our backup routines take much longer than before. Looking at cpu graphs, the old servers that were running SqlBackupAndFTP had a higher CPU usage (40-50%) backups took around 3.5 to 4 hours. The new servers cpu (running 12.7.10) never go higher than 18-19% and backups are running between 6-8 hours.

The new servers are all around newer/better machines, with more I/O than the old, so I started comparing options to see what I might have missed during set up.

Looking through the older program file I found we have set a priority setting to very high (screenshot)

Looking through our new servers, I am unable to find a similarly named option on 12.7.10 builds.

I am enabling the “Backup one db, send, repeat” option that I found in another post/thread

Alex from support sent me the location, thank you!

Hi Zach_Lee,

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