Changed servers to backup, now free version thinks there are more than 2

Hi, we were backing up SQL databases that store data from our application. There used to be 2 databases, but we have moved to a V2 of our application that only uses 1 database. I edited the backup job to remove the 2 old databases that are no longer used and added the new database. Now the scheduled backup fails with the error “ERROR: Job execution error: Free license allows backup 2 database(s) only.”, but it runs fine if I run it manually with the “Run now” button. What do I need to do to resolve this, because we are not backing up more than 2 databases and it thinks we are?

I’ve found the answer. It turns out I needed to create a new job and delete the old one. Presumably so that the old databases aren’t in the history anymore. Doesn’t really explain why it worked clicking Run now on the old job, but it worked.

Hi Graeme_Clark,

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