Can't Select a Destination for Backup

New installation of latest version of SQL Backup and FTP.

I was able to set up everything but when I hit the plus (+) to select a destination, the mouse-click appears to register because the button visually “clicks” but nothing happens as if the on-click event is ignored.

I have installed the same application on numerous other computers with no issue. This is only happening at this one location.

Any ideas?

I’m stumped!


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the issue reporting. To investigate this case we need more details. Could you please send us the “Advanced Logs”. Please find more details on how to do it at

Please let us know when the logs will be sent.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sadly, clicking the “tools” option in the menu bar does the same thing as clicking the green plus sign for destiation.

It looks like it “clicks” but nothing comes up.

There has to be something going on with this computer. Something that causes the menus to not work in the program.

I have rebooted and uninstalled and re-installed and removed everything that I could think of.

Any ideas?

Here is a screen recording of what I’m seeing:

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Hi James,

Thanks for the details, it’s a very weird issue and we haven’t faced it before. Could you please try to reinstall .NET Framework, you can download the latest release at

If you still have this issue, please save the NLog.config file into the application folder C:\Program Files (x86)\SQLBackupAndFTP, restart “SQLBackupAndFTP (SQL Server backup)” Windows service, run the application and reproduce the issue. After the issue is reproduced please send us all log files from C:\Log\SBF folder.

To download Nlog.config file please follow this link

To make your logs private please send them to

Also, please check your Windows Event Log (Application and System) are there any error messages related to SQLBackupAndFTP or .NET Framework?

Could you please clarify what OS do you use?

Sorry for the inconvenience.