Can't connect to remote posgresql server

I have postgre runnign on home server and I can’t accses it via ssh tunnel.
I can connect to my home server via cmd.

Error says - ssh tunnel conflicts with the opened one, but I’ve checked multiple times and I don’t have any connections at all.

Hi Wiggle_Wiggle,

To resolve the issue, we need more details. Could you please, enable the advanced log with the “Trace” level, reproduce the issue, and send logs to our dev team? Here are more details on how to do it How to send Log to developers – SQLBackupAndFTP's blog

Note! With the “Trace” level, a log can contain your passwords. Before sending a log to dev team please open it using any text editor and remove the information you prefer to keep in secret. You can find them by clicking the “Open folder” link at the “Advanced Log” window (“Tools” > “Advanced Log…”).

To make your logs private, please send them to our support team directly

Sorry for the inconvenience.