Cannot restore postgres DB on another server

Hello Team, first of all - thank you for excellent software.

I want to restore Postgresql DB backup from old server to new.

When I try to restore backup of Postgresql DB tha SQLbackupandftp was made on another server, I get the following message:

23.08.2021 10:32:51 [Error] Job execution error: Incorrect backup file extension “.bak” for “PostgreSql” server type.

I’ve got Postgresql 12 on old server and Postgresql 13 on new server (I choose bin folder in SQLBak settings)

Hi Denis_Romanenko,

It seems you try to restore a backup of your SQL Server (bak file) to your PostgreSQL. Could you please make sure that you use the correct backup and connect to the correct server?

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!