Cannot open backup device

I’m trying to run SqlBackupAndRestore from a server different than the SQL server.
The SQL connection is fine (test is successful).
When I try to run the backup, it fails. Here are the logs :

21/02/2018 15:47 The automatic email notification is not available in Free edition. Please ${|upgrade} or change the job settings.
21/02/2018 15:47 Starting job “BASE1” - “Full”. Computer “SERVER1”. App v.“11.5.2”
21/02/2018 15:47 The backup folder “C:\Temp\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP\backup” has “60,276GB” free space. The temporary folder “C:\Temp\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP\backup” has “60,276GB” free space
21/02/2018 15:47 Backing up “” SQL Server databases
21/02/2018 15:47 Getting maximum file size…
21/02/2018 15:47 The maximum file size: “”
21/02/2018 15:47 Backing up “BASE1” database to .bak file. Backup type: “Full”. Checksum: “Disabled”
21/02/2018 15:47 Failed to backup “BASE1” database with “Full” backup type: Cannot open backup device ‘C:\Temp\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP\backup\BASE1201802211547.bak’. Operating system error 3(Le chemin d’accès spécifié est introuvable.).
BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

And I can see in the SQL server event viewer that SQL server tried to do a backup on its local C:\Temp\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP\backup\BASE1201802211547.bak which does not exist.

Is it normal ? Can’t the backup be done remotely ?

Best regards.

Hi Bob,

Yes, SQLBackupAndFTP can backup remote SQL Server databases, please find more details at

Also, you can check how to solve Operating system error 3 at