BAK and Zip Backups in same job

Can I create a back up job that would do the following : Create a BAK (or TRN) file and put them on a NAS, then zip the BAK (or TRN) file downs and move that into the cloud ? Basically I want the BAK and TRN’s available on my NAS for quick restore to test bed or dev servers, and the zipped backups stored in cloud for disaster recovery ?

Hi Walter,

Yes, you can do it. We can suggest you the following:

Create two different backup jobs, one should backup with the enabled compression option and send backups to your cloud storage. And set another backup job to perform only full backups and send them to your NAS without the compression with enabled “COPY_ONLY” option. You can enable that option at “Backup options” settings.

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.