Backup failure notifications no longer seem to be sent since upgrading to v11

Since upgrading from V10 we no longer see any backup failure notifications. We still receive the success ones though

Could you please check your backup log file, are there any errors?

Yes there were errors for not being able to perform the backups but no messages were sent

Could you please update your license to the latest version of SQLBackupAndFTP - version 11.1.11, to do it click “Help” > “Check for update”.

After you updated to the latest version please click “Help” > “About” and send us your Application Id.

To make it private please send it to

I have updated to 11.1.13 and emailed the application IDs I am using with a subject the same as this post

Thank you, we’ll check it.

Could you please tell us have you received a reply from our support team?

Yes thank you. After updating to 11.1.13 and creating a test the messages are being sent and received.

Good news, thanks for the feedback. Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.