Backup Fails with column_statistics

I’m sure you’re tired on this report and I’ve read all of the other reports and resolutions, but that resolution doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m getting the dreaded "Unknown table ‘column_statistics’…

I’ve set the "Generate statistics histograms’ to Default as you’ve directed others, but I still get that error.

I’m using a trial version of 12.7.14 Professional. My mysql is 5.7. I’ve verified by running an external dump that has 0 set to the flag and that works fine.

Any further thoughts would be helpful.


I believe I’ve figured it out. Even though I had set the option to Default, I went in and told it where the mysql bin folder was and now it’s using the 5.7 version of mysqldump instead of the 8.X. I believe that has fixed the issue.

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Hello Chuck Cavaness,

Thank you for the information!