Backup fails > No data received


Trying out this software for the first time, using phpMyAdmin.

I can connect without issues but cannot get any database to be backed up successfully:

Failed to backup “database” with “Full” backup type: Failed to write into dump file. > No Data Received


Thank you for the details.

To investigate this issue, could you please provide us with test access to your phpMyAdmin?

To make it private, please send it to

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately, due to security protocols I am not allowed to share any credentials to this phpMyAdmin.
Is there any other way to investigate the issue?



Sorry, but this is the only way we can check the issue. Note we do not need the credential to your production server, it’s enough for us to have test access to a test database.

Sorry for the inconvenience.