Backup databases by wilcard

Hi. We use SQLbackupandftp extensively and love the product. Currently we backup all databases at the same time since the other way would be to manually select the databases and this could cause some databases to be left out inadvertently.

Our SQL servers use database naming conventions and have dozens of databases each with a naming convention of type Application_Instance. For example access_001, access_2, …,access_xxxx , time_001, time_002,…, time_xxx, etc.

I was hoping to do backups by backups by using wildcards instead of setting individual database names. For instance, all access* databases at one hour and all time* databases at another (or more frequently).

I think a wildcard setting would not be difficult to add and may make you product even better. It would also give those of us with this situation some flexibility.


Hi Alexander_Rivera,

We can recommend you to create multiple backup jobs and at the “Select databases” section tick off “Backup all non-system databases” then go to the “Exclude databases” and add the mask to exclude the needed databases.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.